A cross between a personal stylist, a life coach, a health coach and a self image guru. Our self image is the driver for us to lead a more intentional life and to really connect with our authentic selves. It defines who we are to ourselves and the world.

My methodology works to find out who YOU really are and how YOU want to show up at your best before we even think about buying clothes. I will work with you to help you dream big so that you aren’t underselling yourself & you can realise your goals & dreams.

  • The first step in my styling process is to work on YOU. If you don’t know who you are or where you want to go with your life; how will you know how to get there and what decisions to make along the way?

  • Once that is done and you are happy with the direction that you wish to go in we move onto a Marie Kondo style wardrobe overhaul finding the items that bring you joy and removing the pieces that are bringing you down; working towards creating a capsule wardrobe that reflects the person that you want to show up as each day (taking into account your lifestyle of course, it’s not always going to be cocktail dresses & Louboutins…or maybe it is ;-)

  • Once that is all completed we go shopping to fill the spaces in your wardrobe and create your dream capsule

It’s not about having all the latest fashions covered off in your wardrobe. It’s about having quality clothes in a capsule wardrobe that reflect who you are at your best & free up space in your home and your mind. This allows you to put all of your energy into the more important things in life like your family & friends & achieving your goals safe in the knowledge that you know who you are and you are fully confident in this version of yourself.

Price - £500

Other service options available such as occasion outfit shopping, holiday wardrobe etc on request; simply get in touch by clicking the box below.



From the moment I started to work with Sarah, my self confidence was boosted. Sarah made insightful observations about my business and life that I really needed to hear! Actually it was refreshing to get an outsiders honest opinion about stuff that made complete sense once Sarah pointed it out. Sarah really does know what she’s talking about and is scarily insightful, she is right at the top of her game in the industry. Sarah makes you feel like you can achieve anything and really drills down to every aspect of what that looks like. Thank you Sarah for helping me to make changes I have been dreaming about for a long time and a few I wasn’t even aware of, that have made a massive difference in, not just my life but my energy. It’s like you looked into my soul and pulled out the best version of me that was there all along and made it shine. X
— Ellie Wilson, Founder of Ellie Wilson Yoga

“Sarah is an inspiration. I love working with her. Every time I have any doubts she’s there and pushes me through. Her incredible wealth of knowledge in so many areas has helped me get to where I am today. Her coaching sessions and continuous support are to me, priceless. Anyone considering working with Sarah, be prepared to be living your best life very very quickly. ”
— Katie Proctor - Nursery Teacher turned Make-up Artist & Image Consultant

“An inspirational afternoon very well spent with the beautiful Sarah Miller AKA The Conscious Lifestylist. To quote my husband on the phone after “Your are buzzing”! Thank you Sarah for helping me find my buzz!”
— Helen Dudley - Chiropractor & mum to two teens

“Sarah totally gets how overwhelming life can be. Speak to her, she is a wealth of information & ideas. She will have you thinking seriously about improving your life & having you believe that you can do it!”
— Angela Spinelli-Scala - Business owner & lifestyle enthusiast

“Sarah is so passionate about what she does that you can’t fail to be inspired by her mantra to ‘style your best life’. She has so much to offer her clients so if you’re stuck and want to get more out of life Sarah can help you!”
— Alicia Grainger - Freelance Fundraising Consultant & mum of two boy

I met Sarah through Instagram, (she sure knows how to get noticed in the social media arena!) and she ended up coming along to one of my Vision Board Workshops. She has oodles of marketing experience from her past life having worked at an agency I know well and I just knew she would be a great fit for helping me develop my business further using social media, as well as refining my website, brand and online presence generally. She has the skills that I just don’t have...nor do I have the time to develop right now as I run my day jobs and new business side by side. Her knowledge of social media is second to none as is her very natural, affable writing ability. She has come up with loads of really great ideas and suggestions which I have been able to implement immediately. She has tinkered and sprinkled fairy dust over my Instagram, Facebook accounts as well as my website. I am delighted with what Sarah achieved in a short space of time and I will calling on her excellent services on a regular basis going forward.
— Lara Doherty - Founder of Vision Boards Surrey